The Science Behind Skincare


We all need a little help every now and then, especially when reading material that is out of our field/ expertise/ knowledge.

I hope that my background in understanding ‘Science’ journal articles, can help rectify this gap. Obviously I can’t report everything about a topic (since i certainly won’t read every research on a topic), but I can try to make it easier for you to understand.

There is so much information in the world about the Science supporting skin care, and most of this information can be hard to read and interpret. These Scientific journals can be filled with jargon and statistics, and most of them are not freely accessible to the public. This is one of the main problems with Scientific research, how can Scientist explain their scientific findings to the public in a simple prose? With the beauty industry jumping on robust claims like ‘Proven by Science’, ‘Supported with years of research’…., as consumers of products we should know what we are putting on our skin.

I hope you guys & girls join me as I continue to update this series.


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