Skin Care Research: Where do I get my Information?


When I first see an ingredient, I probably have the same level of knowledge as you!

I have no professional training in skin care/ dermatology. I am just a boy with a passion for skin care. When I fist see an unknown Ingredient I want to understand what is its, and how it is used in skincare. My top 2 sites that help me understand what an ingredient does are:

These sites provide great information, communicated for the ‘lay’ public. These two are my starting sites in trying to understand an ingredient, but in order to understand the efficiency, effects, and implications of an ingredient, I turn to scientific journals.

I reference these journals in-text within my post, and they provide a lot of information that is not easily interpreted if you don’t have have a science background. I tend to summarise the main findings/results of these journals in my post, so theres no need for a lengthy read of the science journals (unless you’re up for it!).

And thats it!

Thats the process I go through in trying to understand an ingredient used in skin care.

If you’re curious in what an ingredient does, feel free to send me a message.

Wishing you great skin health,

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