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The Skin Care

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Use a mixture of pine spices, pine mushrooms, & ginseng extract to provide “energy” and nutrients to tired skin.

  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Improve dull complexion and skin elasticity.

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Rabbit cooking food

 If someone is able to translate the ingredient list, I would be happy to help break down what each ingredient is supposed to do!

Yehyun Jinbon Toner:                                                                     Yehyun Jinbon Essence:

MISSHA Yehyun Jinbon Toner Ingredients Review.jpgMISSHA Yehyun Jinbon Essence Ingredient Review.jpg

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Yehyun Jinbon Toner

MISSHA Yehyun Jinbon Toner Swatch Review.jpg

” A thick, yet watery toner, that efficiently cleans the surface of the skin, improves skin elasticity, and provides moisture to the skin. “

Scent: Missha’s Yehyun Jinbon Toner is moderately scented, and smells of Ginseng. Additionally, you can defiantly gain a waft the pine ‘spices’ used in this product. The smell doesn’t linger, but it can be quite irritating to the nose upon application. Over a long period of time of using this product, I have habituated to the scent, and it no longer bothers me as much.

Texture of the product:  In terms of texture, the Yehyun Jinbon Toner is in the middle of something that is thick, but at the same time watery.  The product dispenses out thick, but slowly trickles down the skin (giving it’s watery texture).

Application:  I apply this product is with a cotton pad, and since Missha’s Yehyun Jinbon Toner is thick, and yet watery, it efficiently cleans the skin topically of dirt.

Quality of product: I can’t objectively give a full overview of this product based on the ingredient list, because this list is unknown too me. However, besides the scent of this product, I have been having quite a pleasant experience with this toner. I can defiantly tell that Missha’s Yehyun Jinbon skin care line defiantly helps in improving the skin’s elasticity.

Yehyun Jinbon Essence

MISSHA Yehyun Jinbon Essence Swatch Review .jpg

” A thick essence that helps in improving the skin’s elasticity, while provideing moisture “

Scent:  Missha’s Yehyun Jinbon Essence smells the same as the toner (mentioned above).

Texture of the product:  In terms of texture, the Yehyun Jinbon Essence is thick.

Application:  Even though Missha’s Yehyun Jinbon Essence is thick, it applies on smoothly upon the skin, but it does leave a very minimal residue behind. This residue is slightly tacky, but honestly nothing major.

Quality of product:  As a thicker essence, I would use this product at night. The results I saw from this essence is identical to the toner. (Listed below!)


Missha’s Yehyun Jinbon Toner & Mishha’s Yehyun Jinbon Essence results:

  1.  Moisturising (Yehyun Jinbon Toner + Essence helped treat my dry patches around my acne break outs)
  2. Improved the skin’s elasticity (even though I was suffering from breakouts/acne, my skin skill looked plump)
  3. The toner efficiently cleans the skin topically of dirt (It does this really well)
  4. Did not break me out, but it did not help with my ongoing acne ! ! ! !
  5. Has a cooling effect, and this helps in calming down my redness
  6. Did not help with texture issues, brightening, acne scaring, or reducing facial oils (the product doesn’t claim to do any of these though)
  7. If you’re looking for a skincare product to provide nourishment to the skin and to improve the skin’s elasticity, then these products are great


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All products are purchased with my money. I am not sponsored to review any products, nor do i have affiliate links. I am however a proud affiliate with WishTrend, and I truly adore how they promote good skin health. All opinions are 100% honest, and written from my personal experience.

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