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Thanks to Go(h)ForIt for tagging me on Instagram for the ‘ 5 Skin Care Holy Grail Products’ tag.


His blog has some quality content, so go check him out if you’re into Korean Beauty reviews & for the Singaporean Life Style!

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Skincare #1: (Trilogy) Rose Hip Oil Antioxidant +

This is an amazing face oil! I have been using this since my first year of university, and it has kept my skin nice & hydrated. I especially love how it keeps my skin nice and supple! Normally with gels, creams or skincare products, it is really hard to see this claim. But after 2 weeks of use, my fine lines diminished rapidly, and my skin felt more bouncy & supple. You can tell this product is true with their claims!

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Skincare #2: (Missha) Speed Solution Anti Trouble Patch Set

For all my acne kids & adults adult there, hello. This product is a life saver for my inflamed & large acne!  I put this on at night, and in the morning my spots are smaller. This product reduces inflammation & protects the open wound from harmful substances, while allowing it to regenerate at night. Also for $5 you get 96 Patches!!!

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Skincare #3: (Benton) Snail Bee High Content Essence

If any of my readers haven’t hopped on to the snail trend yet, this product is a good place to start. If you have acne, blemishes, redness or dry patches, this product is a one hit wonder. Additionally for the price ($15-20 depending on where you purchase this from), this product will work miracles! Defiantly a Juskin Approved Product.

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Skincare #4: (Mizon) Water Volume Ex Cream Hydra Tox

Another skincare favourite of mine. This moisturiser keeps my skin 100% hydrated during the day. Additionally the ingredients in this are amazing! Not only is it sensitive skin suitable, but this moisturiser provides a light daily chemical exfoliation. Keeping your skin healthy, rejuvenated & new.  You can find an in depth review that i wrote here.

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Skincare #5: (SharaShara) Honey Bomb All in One Ampoule 

I want to say that this product changed my life, but all these products have! If you have sever redness, then this product is for you. After 2 weeks of using this product i was astonished at how well it worked! However i have been using this product for about 1 month now, and the effects aren’t as strong as the start, but its still a good product for reducing redness. Also this product is extremely sticky, so only use this product at night.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this quick post.



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5 thoughts on “(Review) 5 Skin Care Essentials

  1. I am very interested in Korean Skincare. However, i do not know which site or sites to purchase from in order to get the genuine product. Do you have any tips?. Thank you for visiting my blog Juskin 😀. I am so thankful to you. I hope you are well and I truly adore your content!.


  2. Would love to try trilogy’s rose hip oil, i tried it once only hands and find it too oily for my liking. hmmm. I am using 3M’s acne patch, i dint know that Missha has it too!!!
    Love your posts and reviews!


    1. Thank you so much! Personally, i think Trilogy’s rose hip oil is a perfect for any skin type & age. Normally when face oils are too oily, i just do one drop on my palm, massage it around on the palm, then pat it on my face. This defiantly helps reduce the oily texture

      Enjoy your day 😀

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