Summer Protection + Mini Review


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I only think it’s mandatory i make a post on summer, and the protection that i use daily to protect myself from this heat. Recently in Australia the weather has been catastrophic, with floods, winds & bushfires all over the country. I however have been grouped into the bushfire category part of the country. So the heat is strong here, but do not fret! I have not been effected by the fires, but i am amazed at the work of our fire fighters around here. Those guys & girls work really hard to maintain and extinguish the hot flames. Just as the sun rays here can cause an uproar of spontaneous bushfires, it makes them a deadly predator to our skin.

Theres nothing i can say that hasn’t been said 1000x over, simply:

If not protected, sun rays (UVB + UVA) can deeply penetrate into our skin layers causing premature aging, wrinkles & intensifying scaring on our face. 

Sounds scary right? Well it 100% is, not only are these sun rays harmful, but there deadly #Skin Cancer. Additionally, what is normally left out of posts, articles or other written platforms, is that these sun rays are a MASSIVE variable in causing aging skin. This isn’t just typical easy equation,  where we can quantifiable variables such as; DNA, Time, Skin Type etc.., in determining how fast our skin will age. Nonetheless what is known, is that exposure to the sun is what causes 80% of our aging skin.

So lets stay protected!! Here are some essentials i use during the hot summer days! This is 100% real right now because of the heat wave that’s hitting my state #Help.

The Tools for the Face:

  1. (MISSHA) All Around Safe Block: Waterproof Sun 50+: SPF +/PA+++
  2. (Nivea) Hydrocare: SFP 15


Both these products are used after my skincare routine, and i consider them both to be an extension of my routine in providing protection from the sun. This MISSHA sunblock is a heavy duty sun screen. The texture is not an essence or milk, but much more of a thicker consistency. When applied to the skin this sun screen does not leave a white cast, nor does it clog pores from my experience. However this is not my daily sun screen. As such i use this this sun screen on extremely hot days, when i am going swimming or when i know i will be sweating a lot from physical activity.  Furthermore the ‘waterproof’ title given to this sun screen is 100% real. With some sun screens it is unknown if this claim is true, but i can personally vouch for this sun screen. I have been into pools & oceans on 35 degree days with this sun screen on, and to this day my face has been protected.


The Tools for the Hands:

  1. (Neutrogena): Ultra Sheer: Dry -Touch Sunscreen Lotion: SPF 50+
  2. L’occitane: Creme Mains: Shea Butter: Dry Skin Hand Cream

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.56.32 pm.png

Both these products are amazing in quality. On a daily routine if i am heading outside, i apply the Neutrogena sun screen on my hands. I then moisturise with the L’occitane hand cream. These two make an amazing combination for my hands. I have no idea about other countries, but finding hand creams with sun screen in it is (larger then SPF 15…) is one of the hardest things out there. Additionally due to the dry touch formula, this absorbs in seconds and acts as a wonderful on to go sun sunscreen for my hands. While the L’occitane hand cream stops my hands from drying out.

No slick, no mess, easy as.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.49.34 pm.png

The Tools for the Body:

  1. (Neutrogena): Ultra Sheer Body Mist: Sunscreen Spray: SPF 50

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.39.23 pm.png

I currently have a few sun screens that i use for the body. Sadly all of these sunscreens are really thick and heavy, and not something i like to use daily. Since i am a university student on a budget i normally tolerate those sun screens. However on days hotter then 35 degrees, i like to treat myself by using a spray on sun screen.  This Nutrogena sun screen is hands down amazing. It’s a spray on sun screen, with very high SPF & absorbs in seconds. Additionally the spray applicator is bomb! It dispenses the product with high force, coating the area you want it too. No doubt this has protected my body on extremely hot summer days. In contrast i do have a few cons with this sun screen. Firstly it’s over $10 for a 140g bottle, and secondly the scent is very much a sun screen smell, which fades over time. Besides that this spray sun screen is great!

(I would honestly use this for my body every day, if i wasnt on a month to month budget.)


The Summary

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.22.29 pm


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.06.03 am





9 thoughts on “Summer Protection + Mini Review

    1. That 80% stat will make everyone cry! It’s so harsh. Even if my sunscreen is SPF 50, i always feel like the sun’s UV rays are going to get through! I think as long as your BB cream & Primer have SPF in it your good to go! Especially a primer, because it will stay on your face and be harder to rub off <(^0^<)


  1. I am so jealous of your diligent sunscreen regimen. I sincerely wish I had your discipline. Dermatologists always recommend neutrogena but I am just not a fan of the texture of their products when applied. The l’occtaine hand cream looks really awesome. And in my experience, everything from Nivea smells really good 🙂


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